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Carter Miller Associates is qualified to provide architectural/engineering services with Stimulus Grant Funding experience. We are able to provide design and construction related services to the Housing Authority as needed. Residence consideration with minimal relocations allowed must be fundamental in implementing design upgrades. Carter Miller has been in construction for Housing Authorities in which down time and relocations are an important phase in the design. Our firm will conduct weekly inspection reviews of construction contract work, certify stored materials if offered in a pay request, and comply with all phases of the design documents.

The experts offered to the Housing Authority include environmental, engineering, and architectural professions.

Carter Miller Associates, Ltd is familiar with the low-income public housing program.

The Carter Miller firm has recently completed a $3.0M+ of multiple stimulus fund contracts for The Meridian Housing Authority of which many are currently under construction. Our staff is ready to engage new work in our specialty area of expertise, renovation and energy through LEEDS Certified Architect.

Carter Miller Associates, Ltd. Staff members aggressively pursue continuing education to maintain proficiency in building codes. As a member of The International Code Council, the code adopted by The City of Meridian, Carter Miller Associates continue to be current with each code release.

Each year a staff member attends a Life Safety Code Seminar developed by The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA). Please review the attached Continuing Education List.